Why do you need more than one chiropractic adjustment, many chiropratic adjustments, why so many appointments to the chiropractor

Why More Than A Visit or Two?

As Chelsea was getting putting on her jacket to leave for her next adjustment, her husband said, “Why do you have to go again? Haven’t you gone like five times now?”
This is not an uncommon question as patients begin chiropractic treatment plans. Often they have come in for pain or a specific problem that has existed for years.

neck curvature and its affect on ms, multiple sclerosis and chiropratic

What You Didn’t Know About Your Neck and MS

In Dr. Ryan Dopps’ practice, he has seen how beneficial chiropractic can be to correct the curve to a patient’s neck. As the pressure on her spinal cord was relieved, her body’s nervous system could function better and heal itself. Her MS lesions actually began to heal and even to disappear.

Chiropractic and heart disease, what effect chiropractic has on heart health, how to get a healthy heart with chiropractic, can chiropractic help heart disease

Deadliest Diseases: Stop Wondering How to Get a Healthier Heart

Heartfelt Chiropractic Your heart beats without you thinking about it, but thoughtful, integrated care of your whole body can keep your heart beating. The heart and circulatory system function without conscious effort from us, controlled by nerves in the autonomic nervous system. Millions of these nerves in the central nervous system connect the major organs to …

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educational videos on chiropractic and health

Friday Night Live Chiropractic Edition

Drs. Ryan and Denise Dopps care about serving their Wichita community and beyond to a global community. One way they do this, is on Instagram and Facebook Live  with short videos of helpful content. Check out a few below. FNL: Chiropractic Lifestyle Drs. Ryan and Denise discuss the two phases of chiropractic care: acute and lifestyle. …

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Fight Fatigue with Nutrition, Activity

(Sharing this article from the March 2011 Journal of the American Chiropractic Association) Napoleon Bonaparte once said that courage is only the second virtue in a soldier; the most important one is endurance of fatigue. Nowadays, fighting fatigue has become equally important for a growing army of people too busy or stressed to get adequate …

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chiropractic education through chalk drawings, chiropractic education,

Let’s Chalk About Chiropractic

You can find Dr. Ryan in his Wichita office, educating his patients on chiropractic principles as he adjusts their bodies. In an effort for larger and more visual outreach, he posts on Instagram @letschalkaboutchiropractic with fun, humorous snippets of information with colorful illustrations (done by the doc himself), such as the ones featured in this post. …

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