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How to Relieve Vertigo With Chiropractic

When the room is spinning, it’s difficult to focus on your family or your work, your responsibilities or your passions. Dizzy spells, often called vertigo, can suddenly disrupt your life for various reasons and at different ages. Let’s explore the common symptoms and causes, as we show how chiropractic care, and a specific technique, can relieve vertigo at the source.

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What Can I Do Instead of Surgery?

Invasive surgery can be life-changing and permanent, with extended recovery times. While surgery can be imperative and life-saving, sometimes it doesn’t have to be your first choice. With a holistic, natural approach, we believe in first trying all of the most conservative options first. Here’s big impact suggestions for surgery alternatives. Chiropractic – Spinal adjustments …

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How to Have An Opioid Drug Free Life

In her early sixties, Catherine was beginning to resign herself to the reduced mobility of a much older person. She required daily pain medication to function at her office job, and had been on increasingly higher doses of the prescription for the last two years. Catherine was interested but only cautiously optimistic, when she got her first chiropractic examination.

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