Chiropractic’s Affordability

In a live interview on Facebook, Dr. Ryan Dopps discussed how their office at Dopps Chiropractic NE, in Wichita, KS, offers affordability and accessibility for their patients.

My first question was the difference between considering chiropractic to be a want or a need. Dr. Ryan gave a fresh, and maybe unexpected, perspective on this. He said we often pay any sum for what we want, but we will complain about the price of things that we need. “We all want a nice warm house, but the need is to pay the electricity bill.”

People often come into chiropractic offices for “reactive care,” when they need relief for their pain. But when they start looking for a better lifestyle and expression of life, then Dr. Ryan said his patients seem to switch gears into wanting what chiropractic offers. “I think it has to do with the chiropractor’s mindset and paradigm–what we are teaching people,”said Dr. Ryan. “We can teach people enough to get out of pain. But in order to thrive in a chiropractic lifestyle, it’s a different regimen, it’s a different way of looking at it.”

But how does the cost of chiropractic measure up to traditional medical care costs? Dopps Chiropractic NE as a “no insurance needed” mindset, as their costs and outcomes are far, far better. Dr. Ryan noted that studies show fascinating statistics of chiropractic patients requiring some 60% less hospitalizations, surgeries and more.

This article shows quotes from several studies and medical journals about the cost reductions of chiropractic care.  Here is another such study.

Dr. Ryan pointed out that often the cost of a traditional medical doctor, prescription or surgery are masked by insurance. You may only see a small co-pay, for a very large bill.

A chiropractic lifestyle lowers longterm healthcare costs, as you treat problems before the symptoms become so bad that you are in pain. Only about 10% of the nerve system carries sensory fibers–the other 90% carry motor and autonomics. “So in two-way street, you’ve got one lane going up (to the brain) and nine lanes going down (to the body) from the brain. So how we feel is a pretty poor indicator as to our overall health, compared to how we are functioning,” said Dr. Ryan. Often patients wait until they are in pain, without taking into consideration the other chiropractic benefits of improved organ function, energy, etc.

In order to best serve their patients, Dopps Chiropractic NE is part of Chiropractic Lifecare of America. This allows patients to purchase memberships for reduced fee schedules. Dopps Chiropractic NE also works with insurance companies and offers cash plans. The best way to get more information about your best financial option, is to contact them at

Dr. Ryan said their desire is to give “really affordable and accessible plans, that support a chiropractic lifestyle, rather than just an as needed basis, which is just about the pain.”

In conclusion, Dr. Ryan he sees people’s lives get better as they get adjusted more regularly. In this flu season, he has had patients comment that while they are usually susceptible, that they have stayed healthier. He noted that chiropractic doesn’t treat the flu, asthma, etc.

“Chiropractic is just there to remove the interference in the nerve system so that life can be expressed over the nerve system, free and clear. That allows better communication and adaptation to anything we have going on in the body. And I don’t know any system that would be better with less interference! Whether it’s a cell phone or any transmission. If there’s interference, the signal’s not getting down and out. And that’s all chiropractic is about; is removing that interference so that life can flow from above in the brain, down and out.”

See the original interview here.

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