Beneficial Collaboration: Standard Medical and Chiropractic Care

Is standard medical care the only thing you can do for your acute lower back pain?Doctor_consults_with_patient_(4)

A 2013 study from SPINE shows that adding Chiropractic care offered a significant advantage for “decreasing pain and improving physical functioning” compared to those who received standard care alone. The study included both men and women, ages 18-35 with acute low back pain, 43% of whom had radicular symptoms, or radiating pain such as sciatica.

The study administered a Global Improvement Questionnaire at a week 4 assessment. Roughly 25% of those with medical care only, responded they felt about the same, while 18% said they felt a little worse. Only 17% of the participants rated their pain as gone, better or moderately better.

Among those who had received chiropractic in addition to standard care, over 30% said they felt much better, 28% felt moderately better and less than 5% felt a little worse. A total of 73% of the participants in this group rated their pain as gone, better or moderately better. The majority of the reviews found that chiropractic reduced pain and disability at least moderately for many patients with low back pain.

Working together through interdisciplinary care seems to not only have yielded better outcomes, but also greater satisfaction for the patients which we serve,” said the study.

Even the uninitiated to chiropractic may find it easy to believe sciatica could be aided by spinal adjustments. Yet chiropractic patients can reap deeper health rewards from being well-adjusted. Is a subluxation just the cause of back pain? It’s easily understood how a pinched nerve can disrupt the brain’s ability to communication with a part of the body, increasing the possibility of dysfunction.

While chiropractors work specifically with the spine, which houses the nervous system, this makes chiropractic an excellent choice for preventative care. When partnered with the medical community’s care of a multitude of conditions, chiropractic care ensure a properly functioning nervous system. A good chiropractor treats sick people, not for the treatment of disease, but for the prevention of insult that the subluxation can do to the spinal cord. As chiropractic founder B.J.Palmer said, chiropractic is not the only way to health, but it is a more practical way.

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