Lessons on Innate Intelligence From Frenchton Puppies

Witnessing a dog calmly give birth is an amazing sight. It sparked a conversation about innate intelligence between Wichita chiropractors Drs. Ryan and Denise Dopps on their Facebook Friday Night Live video (linked at the end of this post). The Dopps’ Frenchton dog, Millie, (half French bulldog, half Boston terrier) recently gave birth to puppies. As …

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Can Chiropractic Help Chronic Pain?

When you live with chronic pain If you are a chronic pain sufferer, you may do one of two things. You either look into everything that could help you, or feel like nothing can cure you or help. Perhaps you have found your trusted arsenal of pharmaceuticals, herbals or treatments that you can’t function without. Maybe you …

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Chiropractic and the Wind

Do you believe in the wind? Especially if you live here in Kansas, you definitely believe that the wind exists! You have seen the effects of the wind. It blows refreshing rain clouds over the plains from the Rocky Mountains. It whips into horrific tornadoes and blows out fences and windows in micro bursts. And …

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