Team Denise

Dr. Denise Dopps has been battling metastatic colon cancer since February 2020. She’s a vibrant member of the Wichita community, an adored wife and mom to 3, a compassionate chiropractor, wise friend and mentor. As of April 2021, Ryan and Denise have now exhausted conventional medical treatment options (surgery, chemo, radiation, etc) and need to look to powerful alternatives to save her life. These treatments are beyond the family’s means – giving their community the opportunity to step up in a powerful way.

With the knowledge that only the power that made the body can heal the body, the Dopps have searched far and wide for who and where they need to go to find exactly what can assist Denise’s life force to kill the cancer, supporting her immune system to thrive in the process. Thank you for always partnering with us in prayer and in the other ways below.

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Denise’s Story:

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