Research continues to prove how effective, safe and wonderful chiropractic care is.  But don’t take their word for it, listen to some of OUR patients.





Amy L.
My daughter, Vanessa, is 13.  She has suffered from migraines for three years; daily onset for the last six months.  Her local neurologist ran out of ideas after trying several daily meds and even tried Botox – twice!  It is a unique feeling of fear and regret to watch someone administer 20+ injections in your child’s forehead!  That doctor’s last suggestion had been to possibly drain some CSF in an attempt to relieve pressure.  I called Dr. Ryan that day in tears and he told us to come right in.  Vanessa had been in so much pain on a daily basis that she was “functional” for about 4 hours a day at that point.  We set her up on a rigorous schedule of three visits a week to start.  She started feeling relief within the first week.  It has been a long road but she is now back in school on a full time basis and functional most of the time!

Wichita Thunder – Jon Madden

 Video Testimonial – Linda

Bill F.
“I am a Parkinson’s Disease patient who needed some help.  I had been to almost every therapy location in Wichita, without success,  I was in agony.  I have to use a wheelchair. I started going to Dr. Ryan and things started to improve. The best thing I can say is that one day I stood up and walked in my bathroom without my walker. I think Dr. Dopps adjustments are a large part of this.  I have a progressive disease, yet I am getting better!

 Wichita Thunder – RG Flath:

I was diagnoses with tuberculosis and did not know what to do.  A friend referred me to Dr. Ryan Dopps.  He told me that he does not treat infections, but then educated me to know how my body functions, and were healing comes from.  Over time, I strengthen my immune system and have been TB free for years.  Thank you for teaching me about my bodies ability to heal.

Wichita Thunder – Travis Wight:

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