Nicole Rinck

I have been seeing Dr Ryan and Dr Denise Dopps for over 7 years now. I was struggling with sciatica pain, but when they took a closer look i was completely unaware of the condition i was in. They both took extreme caution and concern in treating me. Always took the time to listen to my symptoms and thoroughly explained their treatments. Eventually i had to undergo back surgery (laser spine surgery) and in hindsight it all lined up as a true Godsend. Ive been completely rid of the chronic and damaging pain i suffered with for 6 years, and i continue to be treated by Dr Ryan and Dr Denise for all of the benefits and differences i see and feel from the adjustments. The biggest influence of their business is the authentic, genuine care and love they have for their patients. I will always consider them as a blessing and i cannot explain all the positive changes ive had from their treatments.
August 19, 2016 on Facebook

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