Constant Pressure Headache Relieved by Chiropractic

Imagine a constant pressure, from inside your skull out. A headache that was always with you, no matter what you did. Doctors find a brain tumor on your pituitary, but you are still searching for relief. That’s when your dad suggests going to see a Wichita chiropractor. This is Stacy’s story, as she told it …

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Can Chiropractic Help Chronic Pain?

When you live with chronic pain If you are a chronic pain sufferer, you may do one of two things. You either look into everything that could help you, or feel like nothing can cure you or help. Perhaps you have found your trusted arsenal of pharmaceuticals, herbals or treatments that you can’t function without. Maybe you …

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Kids Who Love Chiropractic

We love adjusting kids of all ages and seeing the difference it makes in the quality of their lives. Their young bodies self-regulate innately, constantly sending an image of health from the brain through the nervous system to every cell, tissue and bone. Yet when that communication has a break or interference, there is malfunction, disease…problems! …

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Chiropractic Newcomers

Are you new to chiropractic? Or have you never been adjusted? You probably have questions, like how long is it going to take before I feel better? Of course, every person has to examined individually and professionally to determine their unique treatment plan. But here are some encouraging testimonials from chiropractic newcomers. When we talked, Chris …

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A New You: How to Find A Chiropractor

It’s a New Year and a New You! We’ll be doing a few articles to get you thinking and searching, to support you on the journey that is 2016. It’s not always easy to pick a professional in any field with whom you feel comfortable and confident. While your hair may grow back after a …

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