Chiropractic Newcomers

Are you new to chiropractic? Or have you never been adjusted?

You probably have questions, like how long is it going to take before I feel better?

Of course, every person has to examined individually and professionally to determine their unique treatment plan. But here are some encouraging testimonials from chiropractic newcomers.

When we talked, Chris had been coming to the office twice a week for a month or so. “I can tell a week without (an adjustment) made a big difference in my back pain,” he said. Chris said he didn’t realize until after the x-rays just how badly out of alignment he really was. Getting checked out and restoring function to his body while in his thirties, gives his body’s innate intelligence the opportunity for greater and lasting health.

Andrew has been adjusted for two months. He was taking pain killers and trying to self-adjust in attempts to manage his headaches. With regular chiropractic care of his entire spine, he is seeing relief and function returning versus mere pain management.

If you are new to chiropractic and interested in seeing how it can improve your quality of life, give us a call and make an appointment. We’d love to meet you and discuss chiropractic principles and start you on a treatment plan.


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