Kids Who Love Chiropractic

We love adjusting kids of all ages and seeing the difference it makes in the quality of their lives. Their young bodies self-regulate innately, constantly sending an image of health from the brain through the nervous system to every cell, tissue and bone. Yet when that communication has a break or interference, there is malfunction, disease…problems! …

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Chiropractic Newcomers

Are you new to chiropractic? Or have you never been adjusted? You probably have questions, like how long is it going to take before I feel better? Of course, every person has to examined individually and professionally to determine their unique treatment plan. But here are some encouraging testimonials from chiropractic newcomers. When we talked, Chris …

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Up and Running: A Story of Abundant Life

 “Well, maybe it’s just degenerated. I mean, we all get old.” I hoped that my mouth was gaping open, and I attempted to swallow my shock. I was 26-years-old, in shape and healthy, but I had such severe shoulder/upper back pain that sneezing was horrible and I had trouble lifting my baby from her crib. …

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Safety pin cycle

A Safety Pin and a Grocery List of Health

Picture a safety pin. Yes, like an old fashioned diaper pin, or the save-me-I-don’t-sew pin you used in college. A closed safety pin is a simple analogy of how your nerves carry messages from your brain to your body and back in a loop from your body to your brain. The body in this state …

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Chiropractic, Hospital Error and Staying Well

What would you guess to be the third leading cause of death in the United States? You might say, cancer, heart disease or diabetes. You’d be wrong. New research estimates that as many as 440,000 patients die in hospitals from preventable harm, says John T. James PhD in A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms …

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A New You: Taking Control of Diabetes

What if this new year everyone agreed to stop being sick and tired—to take meaningful steps to dramatically reduce chronic disease in themselves and their loved ones? While the path may not be simple, it is clear that many would find a new lease on life. Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases which plagues …

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High Blood Pressure and Your Atlas

Normalizing blood pressure could be a benefit of chiropractic neck adjustments, suggests several studies. A 2008 study University of Chicago study was published in the Journal of Human Hypertension. The double-blind study focused on 50 patients, 25 of which received a simulated adjustment. The other half, who received true chiropractic treatment, saw an average blood …

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Right and Responsibility

You’re no doubt familiar with the basic human rights penned by Thomas Jefferson. Our Creator did indeed bless us with Life, freedom and the ability to pursue happiness. But when it comes to your healthcare, it’s important not to confuse rights with responsibilities. For example, • While you have the RIGHT to eat at any …

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