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Score a Healthy Season for Young Athletes with Chiropractic

While playing sports is an important rite of passage for children, they come with their own sets of risks. Baseball, golf, soccer and other summer sports can involve frequent twisting motions. Other highly competitive sports such as football, gymnastics and wrestling involve rigorous training schedules can be potentially dangerous to an adolescent or teenager. Here are some great tips parents can use to help their young athletes prepare their bodies and protect themselves from sports-related injuries before they happen:

Chiropractic and Concussions: Athletes and Beyond

Concussion Video Details In this live Facebook video, Dr. Ryan Dopps discussed the affect of chiropractic on concussions, for everyone from athletes to small children. Sometimes we use medical words without fully understanding what condition they describe. Dr. Ryan explained that a concussion is basically a bruise on the brain. When trauma occurs to the …

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Active Men Need Chiropractic

We love our patients with active lifestyles, whether it’s their job that keeps their bodies busy or whether it’s their hobbies and passions. Our bodies have the innate ability to become stronger and improve, but unfortunately, injury and disease can result when that ability is blocked. Mike shared his testimonial with us of how chiropractic …

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Up and Running: A Story of Abundant Life

 “Well, maybe it’s just degenerated. I mean, we all get old.” I hoped that my mouth was gaping open, and I attempted to swallow my shock. I was 26-years-old, in shape and healthy, but I had such severe shoulder/upper back pain that sneezing was horrible and I had trouble lifting my baby from her crib. …

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Hockey Players Up Their Game With Chiropractic

If you’ve ever seen a hockey game, in person or on TV, you’ve definitely witnessed bodies smashed, heads rattled and necks whipped left and right. If you’re a chiropractor like Dr. Ryan Dopps, you think, “That guy needs an adjustment!” From 2009-2014, Dr. Dopps served as the team chiropractors for the Wichita Thunder hockey team …

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