Hockey Players Up Their Game With Chiropractic

If you’ve ever seen a hockey game, in person or on TV, you’ve definitely witnessed bodies smashed, heads rattled and necks whipped left and right.

If you’re a chiropractor like Dr. Ryan Dopps, you think, “That guy needs an adjustment!”

From 2009-2014, Dr. Dopps served as the team chiropractors for the Wichita Thunder hockey team along with his brother Dr. Rory Dopps. They gave adjustments before, during and after games to help alleviate pain, correct injuries, and restore function and health.

Thunder player Jon Madden, a defenseman/forward, said he was apprehensive of chiropractic at first. However, he credited it with helping him to be “healthy and able to perform at highest levels on the ice.”

His teammate, RG Flath agreed. He felt his game had improved, saying hockey is pretty physical and it is easy for players to get out of whack, even with traveling and sleeping in bus. Chiropractic helped put his body back in sync. “As pro athletes, we have to take responsibility with our bodies to make sure they are running at a hundred percent.”

Flath’s most unexpected result from chiropractic involved a plate in his right arm. It had never healed properly, with his wrist always out of alignment. Chiropractic adjustments improved his mobility.

Madden also experienced relief from an injury. During a game, he received a hard blow to the jaw. While he didn’t lose consciousness, he did sustain a concussion. For a week, he suffered from neck pain and recurring headaches. Finally he went in for an adjustment.

Within a week of treatments, Madden was feeling improvement. “It’s been huge to be able to utilize Dopps for treatment…it goes long way to help us get back on ice.”

If you are interested in getting your game back on the ice, call Dr. Ryan Dopps for an appointment.

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