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Women’s Fitness Tips: Using Chiropractic to Express Life

In 2020, women have never been stronger or more powerful. And yet, moms especially still need encouragement to prioritize self-love with fitness and exercise. Wichita chiropractors Dr. Denise and Dr. Ryan Dopps share their women’s fitness tips and how chiropractic is a game-changer, supporting women as they reach for their dreams.

Why Does Chiropractic Matter for Women?

Chiropractic adjustments of the spine have a direct and specific effect on women’s health. Chiropractors adjust misaligned vertebrae that are putting pressure on the spinal cord and nervous system. This allows for optimal communication between the brain and body.

When a woman is in alignment, her whole body can function better. Ladies, this can have a dramatic effect on your life, as you pursue being active and healthy! It can especially be important as you exercise and challenge yourself to harder workouts.    

How Chiropractic Improves Women’s Fitness

Naturally, if you’re a woman who runs marathons, you use different muscles than your bestie who mainly does yoga. A fitness enthusiast herself, Dr. Denise points out that chiropractic supports a strong core and a body that’s operating at full capacity, which is needed for any active life.

“If you’re doing weights or other activities that surpass normal activity,” said Dr. Denise, “and you’re pushing yourself, it’s important to have proper alignment.” 

This is because chiropractic for women also reduces the risks of injury. Bones that are aligned have more movement, flexibility and adaptability.

Postpartum women and moms of small children, you also have different challenges as you try to gain strength back and return to fitness routines. 

But it ain’t easy, mama.

First, finding the time and energy needed to exercise pretty much requires a miracle. But it’s worth it. And as tired as you are, energy breeds energy. Fitness makes you feel more energetic!

Second, the hormone relaxin which helps ligaments to stretch during pregnancy can still be found postpartum in many women’s systems. This results in some joints that are hyper-mobile and loosey-goosey, while other areas are so tight you could.   

Did you know this relaxin means your spine can slip out of alignment more easily? Chiropractic is really vital for women at this stage.

Women’s Fitness Tips

chiropractic women's fitness tips

A mother of three, Dr. Denise encourages to give ourselves time to rehabilitate. “When you start working out again, it’s really about movement.” 

Finding a way to move and increase your muscle tone will help to offset relaxin, resulting in a new strong version of yourself as a mother and a woman. 

In addition, movement feeds your brain! Neurobiologist and Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry said, “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.”

There’s lots of ways to get moving. It could be walking behind that snazzy jogging stroller, dancing in the kitchen to your favorite ‘80s pop, finding a sitter so you can go to a yoga class or join a gym with childcare. 

Wichita Fitness Resources for Women

Your 30s-40s can be a tricky time to get active and take time for yourself. Dr. Ryan pointed out that your local gym can give you great tips, equipment and most importantly, accountability. “Inspiration on Instagram is really great, but we need to have follow-through.”  

Dr. Denise is all about supporting local businesses, so her favorite place to express her strength through workouts is Opti-Life, on the east side of Wichita. This isn’t just a gym, but a fully integrated health and fitness center, with a beautiful, clean, bright, safe environment.

There’s lots to choose from, with over 120 group exercise classes per week and six studios. Opti-Life is a perfect space to spend “me-time:” you can bring your kiddos to the kids club and also get a massage in the spa! Check them out on Instagram at @optilifefitness.

The Dopps also recommend Hot Asana Yoga Studio, with locations in east and west Wichita. Yoga is a fantastic way for women, and men, to get movement and flexibility into their life. “Gina Pasquariello is amazing,”said Dr. Denise. “She meets you at whatever level you’re at.”

Yoga is a fantastic way for men and women to get movement and flexibility into their life. The Dopps recommend Hot Asana Yoga Studio, with locations in east and west Wichita. “Gina Pasquariello is amazing,” said Dr. Denise. “She meets you at whatever level you’re at.”

The classes at Hot Asana are more of a workout than your typical gym yoga class. “We help people build self-confidence and serious strength,” said Gina. “On the daily, we watch people push past their perceived limits and see how much they are capable of on their mat, which ultimately reflects to everyday life off the mat.”

Gina wants moms to know that they are stronger than you think. “You are amazing, and you are capable of so much more than you think you are. Do what feels good in your body and skip anything else.” 
You can follow her on Instagram at @hot_asana.

Real Life

If prioritizing exercise and physical health have been a struggle for you, know that you aren’t alone. 

Dr. Denise shared how 2019 was a challenge for her as she transitioned from working out solo, instead of with a partner. “So many mornings, I thought it’d be easier to sleep in,” she said. “I had to really dig deep into what my goals were.”

Our next blog post talks about mindset and mental health for women – you won’t want to miss it!

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