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Chiropractic For Women: How to Improve Emotional Health

Each new year, we tend to focus more on physical health. But have you thought about how to improve emotional health as well? Wichita chiropractors Dr. Denise and Dr. Ryan Dopps know that health is a whole-person journey. Is your life expressing peace, joy and purpose?  Find out how chiropractic can serve your mind and body. 

Why Does Chiropractic Improve Emotional Health?

Mental and emotional health is a life-long journey, and it’s different for everybody. It can be tricky to navigate as women add roles throughout their life, such as spouse, parent and caretaker.

“It’s so important to find tools to support us along the way,” said Dr. Denise. “When you get adjusted, when you’re proactively taking care of yourself. There’s so many components that support you emotionally.”

Why is that? 

Studies have shown that 90% of the brain’s nourishment comes from movement of the spine. 

This means a chiropractic adjustment is actually nourishing the spine and empowering your brain. Misaligned vertebrae, called subluxations, impede normal function, so you aren’t able to move correctly. Being adjusted allows more movement, allowing more nourishment to the spine and brain. 

Dr. Ryan called adjustments a “multiplier for productivity.” Physical balance in your nervous system takes a lot of pressure off of your brain. This allows your body to focus on what needs to, including the emotional aspects of life and stress. 

Emotionally when you are getting adjusted, said Dr. Denise, you are making a proactive choice to take care of yourself; this spreads into a lot of other areas! Physical health and movement are so tied into how our minds feel. Taking care of your body gives you mental clarity too. 

Dr. Ryan noted that after practicing yoga that morning, his mind felt more clear than ever. He found that the time to focus on balance and movement gave more clarity than a week of vacation had. 

When you know you are taking good care of yourself, it gives you a little more ammunition to be empowered. Then you’re empowered to take the best care of your kids, your community, your world.  

Even as you are reading this, take a moment to take a deep breath. 

On any day, at any moment, you can make a new start, a make your next right choice to improve your emotional health.

Mental Health Resources 

Dr. Denise loves to use moments like when she’s getting ready for her day, to encourage and inspire her mind. It can be as simple as a YouTube search for motivation. Some of her favorites are Craig Groeschel, Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey

If you’re from the Wichita area, we want to give a shout out to some of our amazing local therapists. Emily Stevens is a therapist and life coach that works with women to gain confidence, lower anxiety, set healthy boundaries and feel awesome everyday. Her Instagram is @withemilystevens.

Jessica Stong is a cognitive coach who works with women (and even kids!) on emotional health using tools like the Cycle of Courage and executive function skills. Her Instagram is @livesofcourage

Use social media as an oasis of inspiration. Unfollow accounts that don’t bless you and find some that do.

On Instagram, we love @aundikolber author of Try Softer (in our TBR pile) – one of her January 2020 posts said, “Find the people who make it easy to exhale.” We couldn’t agree more.

@theempoweredtherapist is another beautiful Instagram account full of healing. She said, “Just because someone can’t see your value doesn’t mean you aren’t valuable.”

In Real Life

We all have seasons in life that are more difficult than others. Depression and anxiety are quiet battles fought daily for many. Over her years of practice, Dr. Denise has encouraged other women by speaking up about postpartum depression and anxiety and bringing the issue into the light.

For Dr. Denise, she felt her life really blossomed when she began to take control of her life through exercise and self-love. She began to set goals for her health in different aspects, while “loving myself enough to do it.”

You can follow along with Dr. Denise as she lives this out on Instagram @denisedopps. Read her encouragement for how you can express strength, with women’s fitness tips, in this article. 

Tips and Reminders for Mental Health 

chart with how to improve emotional health with yoga graphics

Come Get Adjusted

The Dopps are dedicated to teaching people how they can express more life.

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