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Dr. Denise’s Leave of Absence

Starting March 1st, Dr. Denise is going to be taking a 6-week leave of absence from her beloved practice members, and Dr. Ryan will be filling in for her. Dr. Denise is going to be focusing on healing in her own body. After strange and recurring symptoms, she discovered she has cancer. 

The Dopps were surprised by this news and are still wrapping their heads around it.

The tumor will be removed in an operation the first week of March, and then tested, giving Dr. Denise and Dr. Ryan more information on their next steps. They both expressed their gratitude for their great medical team, as the Dopps make the best decisions they can with the information they have.

For now, Dr. Denise is claiming April 17th as her return to work date.

“I’m also grateful for my body,” she said, “and the fact that I have been getting adjusted and taking good care of myself. I trust that my body will take care of me too during this time. God is good and has us under His Wing.”

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Denise are so grateful for their amazing community, for your prayers and patience in their practice as they move through this. 

Watch their Friday Night Live video where they share their hearts in this difficult topic below.

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