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7 Strategies for a Vibrant Immune System: Movement

What can you do to be healthier? Our goal is to arm you with practical steps to boost the health of your whole family, fortifying yourself from the inside out. Taking these steps will positively impact your immune system AND give you that vibrant life expression- most of them are even free and readily available! Stay tuned for these weekly posts.

Move Your Body

There’s so much more benefit to moving our bodies than just getting rock hard abs.  

A U.S. National Library of Medicine, Medline Plus article discusses how physical activity can actually help flush bacteria out of our airways, and pump out our lymphatic system. Exercise can also help our infection-fighting white blood cells to circulate faster. Even getting hotter while working out can help kill bacteria, much like a fever would.

Daily exercise was recommended by researchers at the University of Bath, in helping people stay healthy, with short term and long term benefits. 

Chiropractic is another great way to get movement. A chiropractic adjustment restores function and flexibility to your spine, which in turn will help you move better in any other activity as well. A specific adjustment clears interference on the spinal cord and nervous system, allowing the whole body to function better and adapt to stressors!

Get moving; from daily walks and kitchen dance parties, to yoga or weight lifting, to a chiropractic adjustment! Move at your fitness level but continue to stretch yourself. Your body will thank you.

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