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7 Strategies for a Vibrant Immune System: Sunshine

What can you do to be healthier? Our goal is to arm you with practical steps to boost the health of your whole family, fortifying yourself from the inside out. Taking these steps will positively impact your immune system AND give you that vibrant life expression- most of them are even free and readily available! Stay tuned for these weekly posts.

Get Some Sunshine 

Did your mom send you outside to play and get some sunshine? It turns out, you still need it. Watch this brief video where Dr. Ryan Dopps explains the surprising benefits of as little as 15-minutes of sunlight per day!

Georgetown University Medical Center posted a news release in 2016, saying sunlight offers a surprising benefit. In addition to some lovely Vitamin D, sunshine can also “energize T cells that play a central role in human immunity.”

Our skin is the largest organ and our first defense against the microbes with which we come into contact. Then the sun’s low levels of blue light makes those killer T cells move faster; the study says sunlight directly activates these key immune cells. 

A chiropractic adjustment is another way to increase those T cells by 130% to as much as 400%!

Sunshine is also a free source of Vitamin D, which studies show is vital for your immune system function. A 2017 report said as many as 42% of Americans were deficient. It’s recommended to get a daily vitamin D intake of 1000–4000 IU, or 25–100 micrograms.

Vitamin D also been known to improve your mood through the release of hormones in the brain. All the more reason to get some time outside every day.

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Georgetown University – Sunlight

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