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7 Strategies for A Vibrant Immune System: Water

What can you do to be healthier? Our goal is to arm you with practical steps to boost the health of your whole family, fortifying yourself from the inside out. Taking these steps will positively impact your immune system AND give you that vibrant life expression- most of them are even free and readily available! Stay tuned for these weekly posts.

We Must Have Water

We are 70% water! That H2O is critical to how our bodies function. It is needed for every organ and system in the body, including our immune system. 

Did you know water binds with oxygen? Do you know the ideal container for drinking water? Watch this Friday Night Live video by Dr. Ryan Dopps to learn more!

The University of California, Irvine published an article discussing how vital hydration is for our immune system. Our blood transports nutrients everywhere – and water is the main ingredient in blood. Drinking more water and increasing your blood volume helps to ease your systems and make it more efficient.

Water also helps our body flush out waste – a lot of garbage sitting around our house wouldn’t be hygienic and neither is a lot of garbage piling up in our bodies. 

Staying well hydrated keeps our mucous membranes moist inside our noses, eyes etc. This is important, because this membrane is a first line of defense to filter incoming pathogens.

But how much do you have to drink to be hydrated? An easy rule of thumb is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water. (150 lbs = minimum 75oz. daily). Don’t overlook this simple step to health. Your glass water bottle is your new best friend in staying healthy. 

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University of California, Irvine – Hydration: https://ssihi.uci.edu/tip/hydration-for-immune-system/

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