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Can Chiropractic Improve Your Sports Performance?

It’s spring sports season! How are you measuring your improvement? The average person rarely has their physical performance rated in milliseconds to see a percentage of growth. You feel better after chiropractic care, but you may not have realized the full effect being adjusted has on your golf game.

Improvement in Olympic Proportions

Here is one arena though where the statistics are posted for the whole world to applaud: the Olympics. Because their results are measured more carefully, this is a great way to compare performance before and after chiropractic. There are many examples of chiropractors helping athletes achieve their goals. Olympic legends Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps both use chiropractic to help their bodies stay in alignment and function optimally.

“Chiropractic is essential for running. If I could put a percentage value on it, I would say that I compete 8-10% better from regular chiropractic.” – Dan O’Brien Olympic Gold Medalist

The results are the same for everyone, regardless of their skill level in their sport, from tee ball to major leagues, rec center pool to Olympic pool.

Football, Baseball, Golf, Soccer

Dr. Ryan Dopps DC noted that chiropractic is especially important for impact sports, such as football. Staying adjusted can make players less prone to injury. If trauma does occur, regular care can help the body to heal.

Sports that are heavily unilateral also should emphasize chiropractic, said Dr. Ryan. These include baseball and golf, which involve constant twisting motions, primarily to one side. This causes a special stress on the body that adjustments can relieve.

Dynamic activities like soccer, running and basketball may be more bilateral, evening out the stress to both sides of the body. However in these sports, chiropractic plays a role maintaining or improving in the balance, agility and flexibility required to play.

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