Why do you need more than one chiropractic adjustment, many chiropratic adjustments, why so many appointments to the chiropractor

Why More Than A Visit or Two?

Chelsea went to the chiropractor for back pain. She went again a couple times the next week. And the week after that. For the first time in years, she was actually feeling better. As Chelsea was getting putting on her jacket to leave for her next adjustment, her husband said, “Why do you have to go again? Haven’t you gone like five times now?”   

This is not an uncommon question as patients begin chiropractic treatment plans. Often they have come in for pain or a specific problem that has existed for years. 

How Long Has It Been Like That?

Here’s one way to explain why chiropractic is often used in a treatment plan over weeks or months, versus a one-time, fix-all appointment. If your hand was in cast for years or wrapped up in one position, what do you think it would be like when it was finally released? Would it spring back to its normal, pre-cast position? No, it’d go back to the position it was in while cast or wrapped. However, with repeated, intentional therapy, your hand could regain normal range of movement and alignment. 

When the vertebrae of your spine are misaligned and stuck, the supporting muscles and ligaments ‘hold’ them in that position.  A chiropractic adjustment will often shift it into its proper position. But just like the wrapped hand, the vertebrae can easily slid back to the old position. It requires time and repetition, adjusting the vertebrae to the correct position for the body to heal, resolving any inflammation and strengthening the muscles. 

Consistency is key for the best results in your chiropractic treatment plan, just like in many other areas of life. 

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