Athletes Benefit From Chiropractic

Most of us would like to be more active. We might never feel the weight of gold medal as the national anthem plays, but we can definitely take steps to achieve personal goals in fitness and athletics.

One can assume that to run a half marathon for the first time, you would need dedication and training—it seems there’d be a fair amount of running involved.

A health conscious runner would also consider nutrition and its role in improving performance and endurance.

Chiropractic is perhaps an overlooked element of a successful athletic regimen. It is logical however, to consider that spinal manipulation and adjustment of the joints could be important towards preventing injury and towards good communication between the nerves and the brain.

A registered nurse and CrossFit trainer, Matt found just what regular chiropractic care could for him. He experienced severe pain when he began running to train for a half marathon—a sports medicine doctor suggested hip surgery.

However after some x-rays with Dr. Ryan Dopps and regular chiropractic adjustments, he has been pain-free for over six months.

Ballerinas frequently suffer to be beautiful, as teenage Hope could attest. Hours of dancing, as well as training and teaching, combined with spinal subluxations, left her in pain.

Hope’s headaches and back pain would cause her to have to sit out during certain exercises in ballet class. She wasn’t able to turn as many times as she normally could without extreme pain.

“Receiving regular care from Dr. Dopps eased my stress levels and kept my back in alignment, which is important for balance,” said Hope. “It improved my performance as I was able to balance better and spot easier.”

Dr. Dopps adjusted Hope three times a week for a couple months and later reducing the frequency to once a week. She continued to be adjusted over several years to maintain alignment, and thought she has moved away, will schedule appointments when she visits.

If you are interested in seeing how chiropractic can support body as you achieve your athletic dreams, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Dopps today.

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