Integrating Chiropractic Care Benefits Asthma Sufferers

Asthma patients do not take for granted the air they are able to breathe. Millions of people around the world suffer from this chronic condition, and thousands die. The financial burden of asthma medicines, visits and missed work is significant, numbering in the tens of billions in the USA alone.

Many are seeking complimentary and alternative medicine, such as chiropractic, in an integrative healthcare setting. Studies show that chiropractic can be beneficial in reducing symptoms, increasing physical activity, decreasing medication use. All of which helps the person’s quality of life, while reducing the financial burden as well. The Chiropractic Journal of Australia shared a case study of a 5-year-old boy, reporting that he experienced “a quick and drastic reduction in his symptoms and he has been able to reduce all of his medication over the next few months with the exception of a rescue inhaler of albuterol, which he needs only infrequently.”

Why Chiropractic Helps

These results are unsurprising when you know how chiropractic functions. When the body is in alignment, the brain sends messages quickly and easily along the spine out to the body through the nervous system. These messages tell the cells of the entire body how to perform optimally, whether they are lung cells, muscle or bowel cells.

However, as we move and life happens, nerves can get pinched, squeezed and blocked by misaligned bone. When these brain’s messages get blocked by these vertebral subluxations, the cells do the best they can. But
without the brain’s guidance, disease and discomfort begin. Different parts of the body are naturally affected based on where the subluxation is located, just as an vehicle accident on a particular interstate exit ramp will affect that section of the city more than others. When the spine is realigned with a chiropractic adjustment, information, innate knowledge and healing can flow again.

It makes sense then, that with chiropractic adjustments, asthma sufferers see improvement as their bodies innately begin to heal.

Just for fun, watch the video of a great old explanation of the nervous system at the end of this post.

Let Your Life Force Flow

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