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Chiropractic Abroad

Did you know there are chiropractors around the world? When they travel, Drs. Ryan and Denise Dopps enjoy watching out for chiropractors or hearing stories from people under chiropractic care. They discussed this during one of their recent live video streams on Facebook and Instagram. (Read to the end for the link.)

Dr. Ryan has a great perspective on global chiropractic as he serves as a state representative for the International Chiropractic Association. This association is doing amazing things to bring chiropractic to countries that really need it, including China.

The Dopps were recently able to travel to China on vacation, taking this drone footage from the Great Wall. Dr. Ryan shared that there are some 1.6 billion people in China and only an estimated 100 chiropractors. While there are definitely people in China who are in pain that could benefit from chiropractic care, the benefits could be more important. “When your body is functioning at 100%,” said Dr. Denise, “so many other things can improve.” This includes emotional health, like anxiety and depression.

While world change can feel like daunting task, the Dopps believe in taking action and planting seeds, for even future generations to harvest.

As you travel this summer, keep you eyes peeled for how chiropractic is doing in new places. If you are in need of chiropractic, contact our office for a recommendation in our far-reaching network.

Watch the whole Friday Night Live video below and tune in on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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