Moving Those Rusty Joints

You probably weren’t very old the first time you left something metal outside for a while. Maybe it was a bike or toy truck. When you found it, it was rusted and harder to get the gears to move again. You learned to take care of and maintain things you care about.

Are you feeling rusty? Does it take rubbing on some Bengay or a hot shower to get your frozen joints working?

Our bodies are the ultimate machines and maintaining them should be our ultimate goal. You can start feeling old and rusty, before you actually are, with joints that lose their mobility. A 26-year-old mother was told the severe stiffness pain in her neck and shoulders was due to degeneration. She was given a few exercises, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. She refused to accept that answer and went to see a chiropractor. X-rays showed subluxations, or misalignments, in her cervical vertebrae. Within a few months of chiropractic care, she was able to sneeze without neck pain and even lift her toddler without shoulder pain.

Like a rusty bolt that gets harder to turn as time goes by, our joints and sockets, and even our vertebrae need to be used and moved. Regular chiropractic is a great way to care for your body, whether you suffer from arthritic joints or not. We know machines need maintenance, why not our bodies?

Let Your Life Force Flow

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