Can I Be Adjusted After Surgery?

This month, we are looking exploring surgery and chiropractic. Here is last week’s post – come back next week to learn more.

It is natural to be cautious as you recover after a surgery, whether it was for back pain, a hysterectomy, appendectomy, or any others. You want your body to rest and heal in the way that it innately knows how. So should you get a chiropractic adjustment or not?

Chiropractic uses a specific adjustment, to move a specific bone, with a specific intention. An X-ray gives scientific data to back up what the doctor assesses manually. This means that chiropractors can be aware of sensitive, post-surgery areas, adjusting the subluxations that would hinder the body from communicating and healing. Click here to read how we use x-rays.

A Specific Adjustment Post-Spinal Fusion

Dr. Ryan Dopps share the testimonial of a college student with severe scoliosis, who had been a patient for years. Though chiropractic gave her some relief, she opted to have a Harrington rod surgery. This rod is anchored to pull a curved spine into place. The aggressive treatment seemed to be helping the young woman, until she moved and felt a pop with tremendous pain.

Her mother brought her to Dr. Ryan, asking him to examine her. However, once the vertebrae are anchored to the rods, they can’t be adjusted. Dr. Ryan did an x-ray and found that the T5 vertebra had shifted…and it was the only bone not affected by the surgery. He was able to adjust that segment and give the patient relief.

Keep it Holistic

Before considering surgery, it can be helpful to explore alternatives–like chiropractic, physical therapy, and other body work. Yet, if you do choose surgery, it doesn’t mean that you should discontinue every other natural therapy. In fact, you may need them more than ever.

With spinal fusion surgery, the vertebrae above and below the ones that were fused may need more attention as they can shift out of place more easily.

Surgery of any kind is a major change to the body, disrupting normal function. Post-surgery is a great time to give your health more attention. More good nutrition. More healthy activity, in whatever capacity you are able.

Discover Your Surgery-Free Life

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