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Neck Pain: Is Surgery the Only Answer?

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“The December 2012 issue of The European Spine Journal reports that spine surgery did not improve the outcomes for patients with chronic neck pain. They additionally pointed to other studies that revealed some very strong reasons NOT to have spine surgery unless every other conservative attempt to control pain had failed.

“One reason was a higher hospital re-admission rate after spine surgery. Another was that most studies on surgical vs. conservative care showed a high risk of bias, suggesting the research on surgical intervention was biased in the research approach used.  

“They further reported, ‘The benefit of surgery over conservative care is not clearly demonstrated.’  It is important to point out to you, the reader, that the research analyzed studies that included patients with and without something called radiculopathy (radiating arm pain/numbness or tingling from a pinched nerve), and myelopathy (people suffering from irritation of the spinal cord creating pain, numbness, weakness in the legs, and potentially bowel and bladder dysfunction).”

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