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Our Family Business: Featuring Dr. Denise Dopps DC

As a family-run chiropractic office, we want you to get to know Drs. Ryan and Denise Dopps, what they are passionate about, and how they can serve you and your family.

Dr. Denise: Her Passion is People

Dr. Denise is obsessed health, especially the spine. And with jazz music, traveling, and learning, including business strategies. She loves chasing her three year-old around until she gets hungry, which isn’t too long, and she’s all about her two big kids’ adventures and their MANY activities. and taking pictures, especially with her dogs. She love working out and her husband, Dr. Ryan Dopps. And also podcasts and social health/environmental issues. One of her natural skills is empathy…and she just might cry if you do.

She prides herself on being a life-long learner—officially, Dr. Denise achieved an undergraduate in Marketing and Communications and a doctorate in Chiropractic, graduating from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2007. She specialized in Diversified, Thompson, and Upper Cervical techniques, and is also trained in Gonstead, SOT, and Activator. She’s board certified for all 50 states for both chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Her passion is people and enthusiasm in service. Additionally, Dr. Denise leads classes on goal setting, self-development, and topics of inspiration.

Dr. Denise is no stranger to success as a business owner of Dopps Chiropractic NE in Wichita, a podcast host, and speaker. She’s enjoyed experiences as a leader with a proven track record in marketing and team building. Living and working in three different states has given her an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for businesses in varied environments.

After countless hours of business development training and hard work, Dr. Denise seized the opportunity to dive into self-improvement. She is dedicated to empowering others in communication.

New Ventures: Adjust Your Vocabulary

Dr. Denise’s latest venture has lead her down the road of vocabulary and communications improvement for herself and she invites you to join along on her weekly podcast Adjust Your Vocabulary. She believes that everyone has a voice that needs to be heard, and a reason why they are here on this planet. With the right tools and education, anyone can elevate their vocabulary so they can elevate their voice, and become more successful following their passions. This method of learning vocabulary also offers themes of confidence, self love, disciple, and empowerment. Dr. Denise believes that being a good communicator and improving your vocabulary will add more value to your life and more opportunities in your passion. And Adjust Your Vocabulary is focused on doing just that.

Instagram is one of Dr. Denise’s favorite hangouts (@ddopps) where she promotes living a full life with health, exercise, community, business and self development. She is also a contributor to the Wichita Moms Blog, where she blogs on a variety of subjects from raising vegan children to “mompreneur” business.

Power Couple – Family Business

Sharing a business with Dr. Ryan, means they share the same passion for serving, the same goals, celebrate the wins together, and have a deep understanding of how each other operates under both stress and joy.

They are “that couple” who people either say they could never be, or desire to be more than anything. They try hard to keep business out of date night conversations, but honestly, their passion for their purpose runs so deep that sometimes they can’t separate it. They are a stronger unit fortified by layers of aspirations and dreams for their community of Wichita.

Call 316-636-6550 and make an appointment with Dr. Denise or Dr. Ryan at their Wichita office, Dopps Chiropractic NE.

Photo Credit: Sally Ann Cavanaugh Films and Photos

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