Chiropractic On Call: Adjusting With The Stars

Dr. Denise Dopps believes its worth it to take care of people. Period. While it isn’t the primary part of their practice in Wichita, KS, she and her husband, Dr. Ryan Dopps, believe in making themselves available in special situations for those in need of their services. After hours, and in many different locations, they make house calls.

Sometimes it’s a newborn baby to be checked and possibly adjusted in a hospital or at home. Other times, it is traveling musicians and celebrities!

Give, Love, Serve.

“When we get a recommendation, it’s such an honor,” said Dr. Denise. “It’s never about what we can get. We never want to look at something to see if it’s worth it financially.” The Dopps ask themselves what they can give, what fits in with their core values of Give, Love, Serve.


Have Table, Will Travel

Recently, Dr. Denise was called upon to care for some special guests. Christian bands Tenth Avenue North and MercyMe were playing at Wichita’s Hartman Arena. Dr. Ryan has a connection with a Florida chiropractor, who has adjusted a band member, and referred them to the Dopps. When they came, Dr. Ryan was out of town, and Dr. Denise was ready to shine at adjusting with the stars.

Dr. Denise loved serving these folks and said it was such an honor that they wanted to call in a specialist so they could be adjusted before they went on stage. She was impressed with their gratitude. She felt it showed that they understood the big picture of how to care for themselves so they could go on serving their audiences.

Living the dream, touring and giving it your all stage is not for the faint of heart…or body.

Some chronic issues were brought up to Dr. Denise. She asked about the tour bus beds, which are furnished with Tempur-Pedic mattresses. However, a small bed on a moving bus just isn’t the same quality of rest. “It’s not the healthiest sleeping condition,” she said.

Dr. Denise admired how devoted these artists are to their craft, on stage and in practices. Musicians and other folks on tour often don’t have the luxury of time to seek out health care providers. It’s also not convenient to do things like yoga to care for their bodies. She noted that some band/support members had made it a priority the day she met them to go to a Wichita YMCA – she was impressed and noted that it was rare.

Many factors go into why our bodies aren’t well. “Physical activities can take you out of alignment. Stress can make you go out of alignment too,” said Dr. Denise. She included the stress of being away from their families five days out of seven as factor.

There’s a nutritional aspect as well that is difficult for those on the road, out of necessity and convenience. Everyone gets tired of hamburgers after a while, and weeks and years of eating that way don’t make anyone feel their best. Dr. Denise believes in good food is also key.

Things We’ve Been Afraid to Say

We can’t let you go without a listen to Tenth Avenue North’s latest EP, that lead singer Mike Donehey called “songs of lament.” What an awesome incredible message, “I don’t wanna be afraid anymore. I’m safe in Your Love, oh Lord.”

Be a Rockstar – Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

Call 316-636-6550 and make an appointment with Dr. Denise or Dr. Ryan at their Wichita office, Dopps Chiropractic NE. Or if you know someone who will be traveling through the Wichita area, send them in for an adjustment!

You can connect with Dr. Denise on Instagram (@ddopps) where she promotes health through nutrition and exercise. Her podcast encourages and stimulates mental health at, using vocabulary to “elevate your voice.”

You can also find Dr. Ryan on Instagram (@drdopps) where he lives out a chiropractic lifestyle and @letschalkaboutchiropractic posts fun, humorous snippets of information with colorful illustrations.


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