New Year, New You: Making Your Health Resolutions Stick

Don’t break your New Year, New You resolutions. Get Wichita Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Dopps’ tips for keeping them and achieving health.

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to reduce stress and improve your finances? If so, you are joined by millions of others. The interesting thing about those goals, says Dr. Ryan Dopps DC, is that you have direct influence over making those goals happen. A great way to do both, is by focusing your health.

Exercise is well-documented as a stress-reliever. You can do cardio and resistance training inexpensively. Dr. Ryan explained that apply good stress to the body during exercise can help with the bad stress of our busy lifestyles. Then as your health improves, you can spend less on healthcare, so you can simultaneously reach both goals.

Sometimes New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap as the thing we make and immediately break. However, Dr. Ryan feels there’s a benefit to using the calendar to encourage us towards the natural rhythms of the seasons. Our resolutions can help point us towards the renewal of spring and refreshment.

Another Broken Resolution?

A key to not forgetting our resolutions in February is in how we make them. It is great to have lofty goals, but they need to be broken into obtainable and achievable steps. We are more likely to fail when we have a grandiose goal, and no plan to get there. 

Another component to the failure of annual goals is the motivation behind them. “It can be trendy to want to get going,” said Dr. Ryan. And external motivation can get us moving in a healthy direction. But if we aren’t motivated from within, when the going gets hard, we’ll stop. Dr. Ryan gave the example of someone having a family history of coronary disease that uses that why to motivate them to become healthier. This “why” is going to be a stronger motivator than just a cosmetic approach approach when it’d feel better to sleep in, rather than going to work out.

New You How To

Our vision-casting can be of epic proportions, but we need to plan the bite-sized goals to achieve it. “Make sure the goals you set are achievable objects, not too far away. Losing 100 pounds can be hard to conceptualize,” said Dr. Ryan. He suggests quarterly and monthly goals, such as losing 8 pounds per month, for a total of 100 in a year. Or doubling your business or social media following can be reached by growing 7% monthly. Dream big, then make a plan and break it down.

Get in and See a Chiropractor

Make one of your resolutions to improve your health with a chiropractic adjustment. Call 316-636-6550 and make an appointment with  Dr. Ryan or his wife and partner Dr. Denise Dopps at their Wichita office, Dopps Chiropractic NE.

You can connect with Dr. Denise on Instagram (@ddopps) where she promotes health through nutrition and exercise. Her podcast encourages and stimulates mental health at, using vocabulary to “elevate your voice.”

You can also find Dr. Ryan on Instagram (@drdopps) where he lives out a chiropractic lifestyle and @letschalkaboutchiropractic posts fun, humorous snippets of information with colorful illustrations.



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