New Year, New You: Adjusting Your Vocabulary

Have you been in a situation where you couldn’t find the right word to express yourself? Or during a conversation has someone said a word you didn’t know and you had to muddle through? Is communication a struggle, either in speaking or in writing?

The answer to solving these issues may be vocabulary.

Dr. Denise Dopps believes that “everyone has a voice that needs to be heard, and a reason why they are here on this planet. To this end, she started the Adjust Your Vocabulary podcast. With the right tools and education, anyone can elevate their vocabulary so they can elevate their voice, and become more successful following their passions. This method of learning vocabulary also offers themes of confidence, self love, disciple, and empowerment. Denise believes that being a good communicator and improving your vocabulary will add more value to your life and more opportunities in your passion. And Adjust Your Vocabulary is focused on doing just that. Enjoy learning and growing your mental health.


Favorite Episodes on Adjust Your Vocabulary

Elegance, Eloquence and Etiquette – Triple packed with definitions and ways to use these words so you can be confident you are using them correctly.

Eggcorns – Like wrought iron are explained so you can be sure there’s no rotting!

Interviews – like these with Dr. Ryan Dopps, Wichita entrepreneurs, Emilee Palomino, and Kalene Smith, and Las Vegas prodigy, Kelsey Cooper.

The podcast isn’t the only way to connect with Denise. Instagram is one of her favorite hangouts (@ddopps) where she promotes living a full life with health, exercise, community, business and self development. She is also a contributor to the Wichita Moms Blog, where she blogs on a variety of subjects from raising vegan children to “mompreneur” business. You can also get her free ebook 4 Easy Life Skill Parents Can Teach Your Children by clicking here.

If you are in the Wichita area, you can schedule a chiropractic evaluation and adjustment by visiting Dopps Chiropractic NE on Greenwich and 21st.

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