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A Chiropractic Message: Illuminate The Darkness

When you shine your light into the dark corners, you expose it. When things are more visible, we can work through them better! This is true with our health, our families, our work. We all have areas where we need growth, so instead of ignoring the darkness, let’s give it attention and focus, so we can heal and grow as individuals, communities and a nation!

Watch Dr. Ryan’s Friday Night Live about shining our light below. Choose where you’ll direct your awesome light!

Also, click here for the update video from Dr. Denise Dopps. She is now back in Dopps Chiropractic NE for a few hours Monday mornings. You can join Team Denise to support her life-saving treatments by clicking here.

Wichita chiropractor Dr. Ryan Dopps scientifically and specifically removes nervous system interference by adjusting the spine that make a big difference in your overall health. Ready to get adjusted? Let’s go! Click below.

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