Casts Don’t Heal


If you were unfortunate enough to break a bone, you know what it’s like to get casted. With a little repositioning and some skilled plastering, the fracture is stable. After a few weeks when the cast comes off, you’re just as good as new. So did the cast do the healing?

Plaster casts and Chiropractic Adjustments have something in common… neither one can heal you. Sure, both may be necessary after an injury. But they can only create the environment necessary for healing to take place. Casts align broken bones so they can mend, adjustments align misaligned vertebrae to optimize nerve flow – but it’s the innate healing power of Life inside you that scripts the healing.

The next time you come for an adjustment to instantly ease your headache, your sciatica or your sleeping problems, understand it’s not the adjustment that produces the result. Adjustments simply create an environment conducive for healing. The doctor inside you is the one who does all the work.

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