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Let’s Chalk About Chiropractic

You can find Dr. Ryan in his Wichita office, educating his patients on chiropractic principles as he adjusts their bodies. In an effort for larger and more visual outreach, he posts on Instagram @letschalkaboutchiropractic with fun, humorous snippets of information with colorful illustrations (done by the doc himself), such as the ones featured in this post.


One of my all-time favorite quotes from Jurassic Park was “life finds away”. Being a chiropractor, we see this every day in practice. How does the body get better from simply adjusting, after it has been suppressed for many years? LIFE finds a way! How do the regulation of hormones and chemicals restore to normal levels once beginning chiropractic care? LIFE finds a way! How do you so many people have so many benefits from Chiropractic? Because LIFE finds a way!


Interference in the body takes on my shapes and sizes. Often it is nutritional or emotional baggage, but by far the largest disruptor of “nature” in the body is the vertebral subluxation. The subluxation blocks the flow of life in the body. Simply put, if your body is subluxated it will not work the same as if it were clear and connected to the source.

 Greatest Of All Time

The GOAT is a moniker that every athlete strives to achieve, but sadly only one can. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Tom Brady all understand the sacrifices it takes to get there, while none of us will ever know what it truly takes. Despite being the best in their own sports they share one thing in common, the understanding of Chiropractic and the knowledge that being adjusted regularly increases the body’s ability to function properly!


Many people get sick with colds or the flu this time of year because the condition of their body is primed for pathogens to thrive and grow. Contributing factors can include:
: High emotional or physical stress
: Decreased exercise
: Less sun exposure and Vitamin D production
: Depleted essential nutrients
: Increased sugar and processed food intake (Holiday goodies)
: Disrupted neuro-immune system communication
These are all ingredients for increasing your susceptibility to illnesses. Take the necessary steps to ensure that you’re healthy over the upcoming months.

Let Your Life Force Flow

Thank you for sharing this post with your friends and family, who could learn as they enjoy the puns and art.

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