Plant Corn, Reap Milo: The Principles of Sowing and Reaping in Chiropractic

Here in Kansas, you don’t have to go far before you see amber fields of grain. Or green fields of beans. I am not a farmer but I still feel a sense of community and connection with our local farmers. Each year, I watch to see when the wheat will turn golden. Seeing combines in the fields makes me watch the clouds and pray they will get the harvest in before the rain. Headlights in the fields at night makes me pray for tired farmers and for their families who are keeping supper warm for them. As a journalist, I did several articles where’d I’d call up a farmer or grain elevator and chat about the weather and the crops.

Ok, this post does have a point beyond pastoral view of agricultural. Bear with me.

I like to watch and see how tall the crops are growing, whether they are lush and green or dry and brown in the fickle Kansas weather. I can usually identify what is growing in a field. I drive by and observe the corn grow tall; I wait to see the silky tassels. I expect it to dry up and turn brown. Then I look forward to the day when the field is suddenly empty after harvest and ready to rest for the winter. I’ve never looked at a corn field and said, “I wonder when it will get rusty red heads of milo.” I don’t expect that. I know they planted corn and that the farmer will reap corn.

So why when in other areas, do I expect to get a different result from a set of choices?

A can of Dr. Pepper isn’t going to give the same refreshment and health as drinking the same amount of water.

Three hours of TV won’t build the same level of strength or give the same endorphins as a 3-mile run.

Likewise, a lifestyle ignoring our body’s signals, masking trauma with pain medication, poor posture, being sedentary and stiff–that’s not going to reap the same expression of life as a habit of chiropractic adjustments correcting what is misaligned.

Staying with the agricultural comparison, maybe like me, you’ve put a few tomato plants in the ground. Maybe you were more ambitious and you spent the spring laboring over rows of corn, beans, peas and pumpkins. That was a good season. Similarly, we can get regular chiropractic for a season and we can see the results starting, just like those sprouts popping up.

Consistency is Key

But what happens when you stop watering in the middle of June, when you’d frankly rather be at the pool. The weeds take over, the sprouts die. In order to reap what you sowed, you need to keep at it regularly. And consistency in continuing chiropractic will likewise give you a better harvest.

If I can, let’s take it a stretch farther. Just like our dear neighbor who brings us the bestest tomatoes, when you’re reaping a full harvest of life from chiropractic, you share it! If you are already a patient at Dopps Chiropractic NE, consider giving us a review at one or more of these sources. Facebook Yelp Google Maps

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