Monumental Mindset: Think Like An Acorn

What if our mindset within a moment could provide you with momentum for something…monumental? Is what we believe really that powerful?

This was the subject of a talk Dr. Ryan Dopps gave recently at the Gorgeous Strength Summit in Wichita.

Dr. Ryan explained some of the beliefs that have historical kept people back, and what happened when someone broke through that. At one time it was believed that it would be deathly for the human body to go faster than 30mph. But people rode trains than ever before…and lived. Easy, speedy travel opened a new world of possibilities. No one believed the body could achieve the four minute mile until Roger Bannister ran it.

What do we believe that limits us?

What holds us back? Do we tell ourselves that we are too alone? Too sad? Not educated enough? Not strong enough? Dr. Ryan noted that chiropractic has had an uphill battle to recognition and appreciation. In his office at Dopps Chiropractic NE, he and his wife, Dr. Denise, believe that subluxations, misalignment of the vertebrae, limit the flow of life-giving information. Removing that limit, opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Because the potential is there.

Just like the potential of a bullet train is there behind the idea that a steam engine can safely go faster than 30 miles an hour, our potential is there under the surface of how we limit ourselves.

To illustrate this, Dr. Ryan pulled out an acorn. We can easily see that there is the potential of an oak tree in an acorn. Go ahead, roll your eyes. But stay with it. What if we imagine all the acorns from that original oak tree that then are planted and making more acorns. Suddenly, the acorn’s potential is a whole forest, “an ecosystem for life to happen,” Dr. Ryan called it. Not only that, but the trees have multiple far-reaching applications. If it’s cut into paper, made into everything from books to buildings, spanning life from cribs to coffins. That would can be splintered into matches…just one of which can burn down that forest that took generations of acorns to build.

What if that single match is like a negative thought?

Will we let a negative belief destroy all the potential that God created into us? Our gifts, our talents, our experiences were not meant to be burned up and wasted, while we sit back and watch them go up in smoke. Take a minute today to write down a few of the things that you have believed about yourself that are limiting you from your true potential.

On the other hand, an authoritative mindset of confidence can help us in the journey to releasing those limits, breaking those barriers and finding the true depth of our potential!

If you want to learn more or hear Dr. Ryan speak in person, get in touch with his office Dopps Chiropractic NE at (316) 636-5550 or message him on their Facebook page.

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