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Preparing for a Healthy Lifestyle

How do we prepare our minds and bodies to become intentional, healthy people? This is something I have been thinking about for the last month.

A spark was ignited in my mind when Dr. Ryan Dopps, Dopps Chiropractic NE, and Kalene Smith, Tousled Blow Dry Bar and Gorgeous Strength, discussed Monday motivation in this video. 

Now I love words, word play, particularly thoughtfully chosen words in a conversation, speech, book or movie. I love Kalene’s idea of having a word for the year, in her case, Abundance. It makes me think of 2014, when I was struggling with miscarriages and infertility, when I felt dry and empty and Abundance was a word to grasp hold of, like a rope on a sheer mountain cliff.

I think one important part to not gloss over in this video, is how her preparation for the year is broken down into bite-sized portions for each quarter and then each day. This is how we become intentional–by making each day count. Not having a day that we “throw” away because we are too tired to eat well or exercise or be purposeful.

I will be the first to say, I. Am. Not. a morning person. Even childhood friends remember this from teenage sleepovers and avoiding texting me before 9 a.m. So I have not fully put into practice Kalene’s and Dr. Ryan’s methods of preparing for the day. Yet I am feeling the need at this point in my life. I have been too easy on myself in the morning, and then too hard on myself in the evening when faced with a long list of unaccomplished tasks. I saw this clip of Mel Robbins “5 Second Rule,” in which she began outsmarting her brain by counting backwards from five as if she were a NASA rocket about to launch into her day. I think this is what I need. No more snooze-button, pregnancy-fatigued excuses. One more hour of poor quality sleep won’t change my day. However, one hour of purposeful preparation could make all the difference.

I know that in this preparation for my year, month, week, and day, self-care need to play a part. I have been challenged to do better in this area this month as I am 20-weeks pregnant, with three children ages 2, 6 and 8. The first self-care goal I have given myself is weekly chiropractic adjustments. Sciatic pain has me tossing and turning, which then means I wake up later and grumpier, and the day rolls downhill from there. Preparing myself for a healthy lifestyle starts with getting to the cause of all this.

So I will be dedicating a piece of Wednesday mornings to an appointment with Dr. Denise Dopps. She gently and firmly adjusts and removes the pressure and interference that my body loudly complains about. I know this will in turn make it easier for me to exercise, to whatever level my pregnancy allows me, as well as improving my sleep. Hallelujah! More than that, chiropractic allows my body’s nervous system to function more efficiently, improving my overall state of health.

Speaking of sleep, I look around and see many of us aren’t giving it the priority it deserves. If we want to prepare ourselves for our day in the morning, we can start by doing that the night before. I am still working on what this means for me personally. I’ve seen how tragedy, anxiety and depression, as well as many other factors play into the quality/quantity of our sleep. We know how to hit our “easy buttons” at times like that with binge watching Netflix, with substance/food abuse, with whatever makes us momentarily better.

But there are “reset buttons” that are actually healthy for us. Preparing for a good night can mean taking a bath, pampering your skin or nails. Turn off the screens and try getting out colored pencils and a coloring book. Maybe for you it is hot tea and a mystery novel until your eyelids get heavy. Perhaps reading a meaningful book or scriptures and journaling about it will clear your mind as your thoughts flow onto the page.

I appreciated this video highlighting to me the real need to prioritize a good night’s sleep, and to not mentally flog myself for “wasting” productive minutes while sleeping.

In those easy buttons, I mentioned substance/food abuse. For years, I have been keenly aware of the role nutrition has in life. Each bite either prepares you for a healthy tomorrow, or sets you back from your goal. Yet, even though I grew up with nutrition being of vital importance to my family, I realize what a personal decision it is each day. I was challenged to chart what I eat and what a revelation to see that there is still room for improvement! Food can have such power over us, whether because we can’t resist it or because we avoid it. It’s time to make food merely the tool and fuel for our dreams, goals and aspirations.

Oh and water! I’m staring at my jug, trying to remember how many times I refilled it and if I met my quota.

My final thought is that we are all in this together. These points to preparing ourselves for a healthy life may seem overwhelming. (Secret: I am often overwhelmed these days.) I think it is key to surround yourself with a community and with coaches that will advise, support and cheer you on. Call Drs. Ryan and Denise Dopps for a chiropractic consultation and get your self adjusted at 316-636-5550. Check out Kalene Smith at Gorgeous Strength. Join the YMCA or your local gym and get accountable to a coach or a training buddy. Get support for making healthy choices!

Because as much we can prepare to do healthy things, isn’t it these healthy activities that also prepare us?


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