The Little Things That Improve Your Life (With Actionable Tips)

Many of us want to do better, be better. We try hard, we struggle, we fail. We think we need some grand gesture to grow – a career-change, an intense exercise regime, a cross-country move. And because those are so big, we usually don’t do them. So day after day passes, as we get sicker, more tired, more disappointed, more dead.


Every grain of sand makes up the dune. Every action and choice make up a life. Each small trauma and subluxation adds up, but so does each small kindness and adjustment. This is the Big Idea; that small things destroy or build up individual lives and entire civilizations.

This “big idea” was written about by the developer of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer in the 1940s (hang around to the end of this post and watch a video of his poem.) It was the focal point of an interactive, life-changing event called The Big Idea hosted by Dr. Devin Vrana and Dr. Joey Vrana in Wichita, Sept 21, 2019. With a vibrant panel of speakers from across the country and hometown Wichita, this healing experience was profound.

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Denise had the honor of sharing their hearts and perspective at the Big Idea, taking the stage together with their usual down-to-earth charisma. They shared how some small things are impacting their lives in huge ways. For over a year, they have been doing brief Friday Night Live videos on Facebook and Instagram, with humor, education and mindset on a chiropractic lifestyle.

Those short but consistent live videos have sent them on a 14-day, 10-city tour of China teaching about chiropractic and adjusting people in a country with approximately only 100 chiropractors! How?

A few months ago, the International Chiropractic Association told the Dopps that China had selected them because of their teamwork and interaction on their live videos. Now, they are currently serving in a bigger capacity then they could have dreamed when they first hit record.

A Limitation or A Gift

The Dopps are all about giving their three kids–Eli, Hadley and Lucy–a wonderful life. They shared about Eli’s recent diagnosis of dyslexia.

“Being two analytical parents, we dove into any resource we could get our hands on,” said Dr. Denise. “We had to focus on not changing him or what he was doing, but change us and our perspective of parenting. We’ve changed our expectations of learning and what it means for him to have a dream and fulfil that.”

“God doesn’t make mistakes,” Dr. Denise shared. “In our life philosophy and chiropractic philosophy, we believe we are made whole and we don’t need anything else to be exactly what we are supposed to be. We have gotten rooted down deep in that philosophy; dyslexia isn’t a problem or a deficiency, it’s more a gift that Eli thinks differently and he’s going to serve in a different way. It’s an advantage for him that we know this and we can cultivate his life in a way that helps him grow.”

Who’s Driving This Bus?

Dr. Denise continued with one of the powerful mindset tools she’s been using. She asked the audience to envision their lives as a bus with different passengers. On Dr. Denise’s bus, the first passenger is herself as a 5-year-old who likes to dance and loves farm animals. She added an 8-year-old who does art and begins to understand that talent gets her recognition, then a 17-year-old with a rebellious streak who wants out of her small town. Other passengers included Dr. Denise as a 24-year-old finding her passion, a 30-year-old first-time mom and a burned-out 35-year-old.

It’s important to look on past experiences and learn from those parts of ourselves, said Dr. Denise. We don’t lose them or ignore them. But we also don’t let them drive the bus and drive off the road. We need to show up as the person we are today, with what we’ve learned. Then in a new expression of life, our 40-year-old self will move back as we continue to grow and move forward.

Laws of Thermodynamics – in Chiropractic?

Dr. Ryan’s scientific mind went to the Major Premise of chiropractic – ” A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” He explained that for the general population in attendance as wood, while a tree, is alive and growing. When it is cut down, the wood stays wood, but the life has left.

Using the Laws of Thermodynamics, Dr. Ryan discussed the transfer of energy, entropy and association. Energy can be transferred. Being with like-minded, inspiring people, getting adjusted, investing in ourselves, we will vibrate at a higher, healthier level.

Things in our universe naturally move from order to disorder. But that cycle can be broken by putting energy back into the equation. We can all participate in the energy: positive thoughts, affirmation, networking, growing, building each other up, said Dr. Ryan.

Lastly, the powerful law of association says that we all have the same potential. When we doubt that we can be better, that we can achieve greatness, remember we are all the same, gifted with a brain, heart and soul to use. Tune in and ask yourself how bad do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice in the moment to get it?

For a complete view of the Big Idea 2019 speakers, go read Dr. Devin Vrana’s blog. Now, watch and listen B.J. Palmer’s beautiful poem -THE BIG IDEA.

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