dr devin vrana and the back to basics team at the big idea event

You’re The Answer (When Wichita Shook With The Big Idea Mindset)

We want you to get great, life-changing content and information here. We regularly share from other dynamic doctors, speakers, experts and minds who are speaking truth and health into our world. Last week, we talked about the BIG IDEA – that small things can affect great change in our life. Click to read the actionable tips Dr. Ryan and Dr. Denise gave at the earth-shattering Big Idea event in Wichita, on September 21, 2019.

In keeping with that theme, here’s an excerpt from a post by the event founder and fellow Wichita chiropractor, Dr. Devin Vrana. Her post is like the sample at Baskin Robbins – get a little pink spoonful from each vibrant speaker while considering joining next year for the whole triple scoop. Click here to read this entire blog post.

Dr. Devin Vrana

As the day came to a close in Wichita, Kansas…Our Big Idea team passed out tiny mirrors for the attendees to take with them.
I asked that they remember they are the X-Factor and Secret Sauce in creating a Healthy & Happy Dream Life. —  I just had to reference the Wizard of Oz. I channeled Glenda the Good Witch. And, just like she tells Dorothy to click the heels of her ruby slippers together… I asked the audience to remember, “You had the power all along. You just had to learn it for yourself.” 

I said it to them.
Now, I will say it to YOU…

My friend, 
It’s YOU.
It’s always been YOU.
It’ll always be YOU.
You got a question – YOU’RE the answer.

After coming home from a seminar, all fired up – maybe the most fired up I’d ever been. And as I was holding my babies as the sunset, I realized my heart felt heavy thinking of everyone that wasn’t there, that didn’t hear what I heard, see it or feel it. What if they had? What if my mom had heard it – would she still be here? Is there any question heavier than “what if?”

I am driven by a few things: the precious gift of LIFE, the certainty of DEATH and the profound beauty of everyday MIRACLES. I can only appreciate the beauty of life because I’ve held death. And I can’t live with myself if I don’t shake the world up a bit. The good Lord made me a wild-hearted woman with a big voice and a soul on FIRE!

Watch out, World!!

After a crazy 24-hours before the Big Idea, the story to put down is that I’m a fighter that has to crusade all by myself. I’m not alone, I’ve never been alone. My beautiful tribe, my team said, “We’ve got you” and they pulled this event together. I pray with my whole that you find a tribe like I have been gifted. I will never be able to thank God enough for the beautiful people He has surrounded me with.  

Click here to read this entire blog post on Dr. Devin’s website. You can also connect with her on Facebook and get behind-the-scenes and inspiration on Instagram. On her YouTube channel, get weekly video inspiration for each area of your life – following the ABCs from Awareness to Money.


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