The Writer Behind the Curtain: Jenna Quentin

Hey there! Dr. Ryan asked me to hop on and share a bit about myself. I’d like to be the wizard behind the curtain à la Wizard of Oz, but being the writer is the next best thing.

So I’m Jenna Quentin. I believe in telling stories that inspire, engage and educate, and I’m really passionate about serving small businesses with my words. I founded Adjust Your Media Agency specifically for chiropractors, across the country who need help putting their stories in print with blog posts, website content and social media management. We offer a variety of adjustable packages to suit your needs and frequency of posting (with some cool graphic design coming up!) You can also get help writing/editing new patient letters, reactivation letters and press releases.

My story with chiropractic grew out of necessity and pain, and continued into health and vitality. I’ve suffered from debilitating migraines from age 8 and while they never leave me completely alone, the frequency decreased when I started chiropractic care. Then after my second born, I experienced major neck and shoulder pain. I held my neck to sneeze, I could barely lift my baby out of her crib. That continued for 18 months. It was after a few months of regular care with Dr. Ryan and Dr. Denise Dopps that my body began to heal.

I shared my story of gaining flexibility, mobility and health through chiropractic in this post about running a half-marathon; my ultimate physical achievement to date. In 2015, the Dopps asked me to begin writing some blog posts for their website. It has been a wonderful niche for me, as a writer and a person and I’m excited to see where Adjust Your Media Agency goes from here.

Over the last decade as a freelance writer, I’ve worked with businesses such as Cloud Nine Venue LLC, Dopps Chiropractic NE, and MKEC Engineering Inc. My work has been featured in the Wichita Moms Blog, the Newton Kansan, the Harvey County Independent and Focus on the Family magazines.

I’m working on a middle-grade novel about grief and healing, with a fair amount of hard-earned therapy lessons. I’ve also co-written and self published a memoir for a foster mother, titled What I’m Going To Be When They Grow Up.

A Kansas Girl With Lots to Say

I’m a Kansas girl who married a Frenchman and lived my personal fairytale in Bordeaux, France for five years. I brought back a love of language, culture and cuisine, which I blog about on
I’m a cheese aficionado. I love to cook French cuisine with the combined guidance of my French family and Julia Child. I love staying up late talking to my firefighter husband, reading and writing fiction when I get the chance.

As a work-from-home mom, most days you can find me with my four children, hugging my little girl and laughing at the antics of her three brothers. I love reading out loud to them and going on activities—field trips, the zoo, a playdate.

I have ignored my husband’s cat for over eleven years. She is the trifecta of attitude: French, feline and female. But the kids adore her, so she stays. I’m not sure why we just got a kitten, named Pumpkin Blossom.

Life is very abundant and I’m so grateful.

Where to Find Me

You can connect with me and read my chiropractic posts on Instagram @adjustyourmedia and on Facebook @adjustyourmedia. All of my Franco-American stories, recipes and lifetsyle are on, on Instagram @jenna_quentin and Facebook @jennaquentinwriter

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