What a Pain! Chronic Pain and Its Causes

Our bodies speak to us through a variety of ways, one of the loudest of which is pain. What is our body trying to tell us? Like a flashing yellow or red traffic light, it could be saying slow down or stop what you are doing.

Sometimes pain is more like the “check engine” light that you ignore for months until the engine seizes up. In much the same way, people live for weeks, months or even years with chronic pain.

Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Dopps’ main concern with chronic pain is to find the underlying cause for it.

One cause he mentioned is perpetual prescription drug use. Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications can have side effects such as diffused muscular/skeletal aches and pains.

Dr. Dopps said, “In a chronic pain situation, you have to look at if it’s right to have someone talk to their prescriber about getting off their drugs in order to allow the adjustment to do what it’s supposed to do, which is provide restoration to the body through a healthy nerve system.”

Many people put off the problem too long instead of dealing with it. “Now they are left with residual scar tissue and damage that’s due to the fact that it he spine has been out of place for so long it’s healed (incorrectly.) We got to give it time to recover, to re-adapt and go through all the healing process.”

One patient of Dr. Dopps’ with chronic pain is Janet. She had gone to many specialists, whose only solutions involved more prescriptions. She called herself a “helpless wreck” and said she had dealt with chronic pain for decades.

Janet has been adjusted two times per week for three to four weeks. She is already ecstatic about how well she is feeling and doing. Dr. Dopps said after six weeks, he will reassess with more diagnostic testing to evaluate her healing. From there, he will form a treatment plan to scale down the number of adjustments she needs.

However, he knows that after years of not dealing with the real issue, Janet will need to spend a lot of time in a healing state.

Dr. Dopps hopes that people realize what their bodies are capable of and that they will not settle for chronic pain instead of vibrant health.

“With time and repetition, as long as there’s not a limitation to matter, people should be able to recover from anything through a healthy nervous system.”


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