Wichita chiropractor educating the public

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Wichita chiropractor educating the public
Dr Ryan Dopps educating the public

The key component to any major decision that you make in life is the amount of research and education that you acquire.

In the Age of information, ignorance is a choice.
– Donny Miller

The most valued thing in life, is health. But “health” is ambiguous and overused in today’s culture.  Dr. Dopps specializes in specific scientific chiropractic care meant to release the life force that is In your body. Meaning, when Dr. Dopps takes your care plan under careful consideration and finds where you problem is at, you can rest assured that your potential for health will be greater than it has been in years.

We then partner together go after the removal and correction of the vertebral subluxation which, like


anything takes time and repetition. When nerves get compressed, the quantity and quality of the signal between brain and the body and the body back to the brain gets diminished.  Therefore, the body does not have the ability to express health the way that God designed it to. Subluxations are like thieves that rob the amount of health from the body. Simply put, life flows from above down inside out!

We are here to serve Wichita, and central Kansas, with education based chiropractic care. Dr. Dopps has a passion for teaching and sharing the chiropractic message in all settings. Check with the front desk for avilibilty to have him speak to your business, mom’s group, work place, school or church group.

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