Inside and Out: Chiropractic for Bone Health

Bare Bones Most people understand that chiropractic is good for bones. Just like we expect massages therapists to work on muscles, we expect chiropractors to work on our skeletons. Yet bone health is deeper than their alignment. How strong are these bones? What is going on inside them? Are they rich with nutrients and flexible? Or …

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Can Chiropractic Help Chronic Pain?

When you live with chronic pain If you are a chronic pain sufferer, you may do one of two things. You either look into everything that could help you, or feel like nothing can cure you or help. Perhaps you have found your trusted arsenal of pharmaceuticals, herbals or treatments that you can’t function without. Maybe you …

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The Spine Bone’s Connected to the Gut??

Since you were little and heard “the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone” song, you understood that all your bones are connected. Later, you probably studied the systems of the body, such as the skeletal, nervous systems, and digestive systems. What we don’t necessarily study or understand (or apply to our lives) is how …

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Kids Who Love Chiropractic

We love adjusting kids of all ages and seeing the difference it makes in the quality of their lives. Their young bodies self-regulate innately, constantly sending an image of health from the brain through the nervous system to every cell, tissue and bone. Yet when that communication has a break or interference, there is malfunction, disease…problems! …

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Chiropractic Newcomers

Are you new to chiropractic? Or have you never been adjusted? You probably have questions, like how long is it going to take before I feel better? Of course, every person has to examined individually and professionally to determine their unique treatment plan. But here are some encouraging testimonials from chiropractic newcomers. When we talked, Chris …

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Stephan Hawkins

Annihilation and Antibiotics

These days, it is commonplace to receive a prescription for an antibiotic when you are sick. After all, antibiotics are a modern miracle, right? It will kill the germs that made you sick and make you well—or that is what most people believe. However, antibiotics could be creating more problems than we realize. For one, …

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Safety pin cycle

A Safety Pin and a Grocery List of Health

Picture a safety pin. Yes, like an old fashioned diaper pin, or the save-me-I-don’t-sew pin you used in college. A closed safety pin is a simple analogy of how your nerves carry messages from your brain to your body and back in a loop from your body to your brain. The body in this state …

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Turtle Posture and Chiropractic

You may not realize the dangerous effects of sitting. More specifically, sitting like a turtle. If turtle were sitting at a computer, it would look like you do hunched over your computer. Turtle Neck Posture or Forward Head Posture is becoming increasingly common and could even be called Smart Phone Posture as it is the …

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Chiropractic, Hospital Error and Staying Well

What would you guess to be the third leading cause of death in the United States? You might say, cancer, heart disease or diabetes. You’d be wrong. New research estimates that as many as 440,000 patients die in hospitals from preventable harm, says John T. James PhD in A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms …

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A New You: Taking Control of Diabetes

What if this new year everyone agreed to stop being sick and tired—to take meaningful steps to dramatically reduce chronic disease in themselves and their loved ones? While the path may not be simple, it is clear that many would find a new lease on life. Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases which plagues …

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